So Much Time was Stolen from You

Grieving Happens on Your Time, but It Doesn’t Have to Happen Alone

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Your loss knocked the wind out of you.

The grief is insidious. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

You thought you were okay, that you had “accepted” this new reality – but now you’re a mess.

Your grief is so intense it’s strangling you, like a hand around your throat that won’t go away.

Their sudden passing took a whole piece of your life with them.

Words fail you, and you’ve discovered that most people can’t talk about it with you.

There’s a hole in your life.

You try to distract yourself, but it doesn’t work.

Nothing can take their place.

Nothing can reduce the pain you feel. Not the food, the drinking, not even the naps.

Your grief is impacting you in a harmful way. You’re beginning to lose your life as well.

There’s a place for your grief in therapy.

Together, we’ll explore the feelings that have come with your loss.

In the safe space of our sessions, you’ll process the grief and process the change.

Healing is possible.

Support yourself through feeling your grief. You’ll be surprised at the healing that’s possible.

We’ll make room for new memories.

You’ll still have full access to all the good memories, but they won’t be so acutely painful.

Let me help you lighten the burden and rediscover your sparks of joy.

It’s time you honored your loss.

Let me support you in your healing journey.

Your loved one wouldn’t want you to suffer.

Together, we’ll honor your loss in the way you need it to be honored.

It’s time you let yourself live again.

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