You Please Everyone Except Yourself

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Your life is going nowhere.

Each day you spend all your energy in a thankless cycle of people-pleasing.

You’re so worried about disappointing anyone that you have no energy left for yourself.

After spending years trying to live up to the expectations of others, you don’t even know who you are anymore.

Your self-esteem has been beaten down to nothing.

You can’t keep living like this.

You can’t tell where the expectations end and you begin.

Do I even like my life, my job, my relationship?

It’s scary that you have trouble answering these questions.

After years of rationalizing and excuses, it’s time to face the fact finally – you’re unhappy.

Stress from work has been a convenient smokescreen, but the truth is you’re dissatisfied.

It feels like the life you’ve worked so hard to build is crumbling from underneath you.

And it’s getting harder and harder to hide it.

Here’s where therapy comes in.

Therapy is a nonjudgmental space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

We’ll look at how your past affects your present and determine where you want to go.

You’ll have access to my unbiased and professional perspective in our sessions.

By managing your overwhelming emotions, you’ll feel calm and present again.

You’ll learn how to establish healthy boundaries to support more meaningful relationships in your life.

Life is better with therapy.

Savor and enjoy the moments of your life, confident in the knowledge that you’re moving toward your goals.

Enjoy the little things again because you’re fully supported through all the big life decisions.

Start therapy and start living your life.

Don’t lose another day of your life struggling to meet the expectations of others.

Your life is precious, and it’s time you started prioritizing yourself.

Start a new chapter of your life where you focus on the things that make you happy.

My online sessions are convenient and available.

You deserve to feel like you again.

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